front carry

The mbt carrier is applicable from newborn to toddler size (3.5 - 20kg). The headrest may be folded inwards to ensure optimal head support for newborns.


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step 1

The mbt carrier is put upside down like an apron on the belly button. The security label is visible on the front.

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step 2

The baby sit is adjusted according to baby's legs. It reaches from knee pit to knee pit.

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step 3

The mbt statement buckle is closed on the back and the webbing is pulled tight.

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step 4

Baby is put in the baby sit and the carrier is folded up. One hand is holding the baby while the other hand slides through the shoulder strap.

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step 5

The other hand is holding the baby while the first hand slides through the second shoulder strap.

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step 6

The buckle of the sternum strap is closed on the back.

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step 7

The webbing of the sternum strap is pulled as tight as possible. Optimal comfort is reached with a narrow position of the sternum strap.

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step 8

While the webbing of the shoulder straps are pulled tight, the sternum strap moves down the back in its optimal position.

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step 9

The angle of babies legs should be bent at at least 90 degrees for correct ergonomy. Ideally, they form an "M". The baby sit is adjusted once more, if needed.

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step 10

Final position. The headrest is folded up if baby is sleeping to ensure support for baby's head. For newborns the headrest is folded inside the carrier for extra head support.

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